miércoles, 23 de noviembre de 2011

Final Proyect.

Description of the Project Three-dimensional Stand with six face!

This is the final project! A virtual exposition of La Chinita`s Fair! We made this Exposition in the URBE EFL Center in Second Life. We decided to make a Stand and put it in the middle of the place, it has to faces, it is like a triptic. This is a Three-dimensional stand with 6 faces, this stand contain 6 pictures of Chinita´s Fair in each face, and each picture has a card telling a small story and explaining the picture itself to the viewer. the stand has nice warms colors resembling the city, also the figure is very dinamic and interesting - just like an acordion. Finally on the top of the stand we have the title with awesome movement.

Main features of the event


The format of this project is an stand with the form of a tryptic, it also have an oval form in the top of it that move. Has a simple diagram, vertical, using a lot of images, the reticle has tree columns in vertical.

Design determiners:

Image Style: The determiner of this stand is the using of the typical colors and shapes of the fair, also using images taken of the monument representatives.

Color: The determiner of the color was vivid colors, like blue or reds.

Fonts: We use Serif typography with ornaments.

Graphic elements: We use photographs and vectors.

Graphemes: We use vectorisation of the monument of la chinita for a poster, and images with special effects.

Visual Rhetoric: We use the sinecdoque because it expresses the part for all.

Semiotic: We use it in the symbols of la chinita, in the pictures. We also use paradigmatic relatiens where signs get meaning from their association with other signs.

Advertising: The message that we use was ``chinita`s fair``, because it is consistent and leaves you just right to the meaning of the project.

Graphic Concept

Our 3 meaningful terms were: Inspiring, religion and fair.

Sistagmatic relation: This was stablich by the meaning of the fair la chinita and the history of the fair.

Well, in this proyect i was making differents posters and after that my group and i choosed this option.


Well now im gonna show you my curriculum vitae.

miércoles, 16 de noviembre de 2011

Second Life

Well, i went to sandbox and i will show you my experience.

I learned to build with the build tool, learned to make a cube put it bigger, you change the colors and texture. Also I made a triangle and change the size

miércoles, 9 de noviembre de 2011

Getting Ready for your Job Interview

If you´re looking for a job, then let me tell you some advices :).

•What happens during a "job interview"?
Sometimes a job interview is a few minutes talking ,meet and greet chatting and then getting into the meat of the interview .

•What should I wear for my job interview?
Always dress very professionally for every interview.

•What are the key do's and don'ts for a great interview?
The first thing you can do in an interview is to make a great impression and always smile. This will set a very positive tone for the rest of the interview.

•How do I handle an interview in a restaurant or cafe?
Employers will ask you to have a meal so you have to know your dining etiquette, you have to stay focused on you interviewer and speak at an audible level.

•What do I do when more than one person is interviewing me?
It's important to make sure that you adapt your communication style to both of those individuals.

•What are good tips for a telephone interview?
The best thing to do is to make sure that you are very high energy, upbeat, you use a lot of inflection in voice, and, because that's all you have to make that great first impression is your voice. So that really needs to sell you in a phone interview and also find out from the employer what again is it that they're really looking for in terms of this position. Make sure you have your resume close to you.

•Can a potential employer ask me to take a lie detector test?
Lie detector tests are illegal 99% of the time.

•How can I rescue an interview that I know is going poorly?
Best thing to do is to take a couple of steps back. Some of the tips to save an inteweview are: Ask the interviewers for directives, regroup and revive your energy
to jump back into the interview.

•What are illegal questions that an employer should not ask me?
Employers are not allowed to ask any questions relating to ethnicity, family status, childbearing status, anything that relates to culture, gender, family status, anything like that.

•How do I handle the end of the interview?
This is where you really have the opportunity to shine, be nice and never stop smiling

•What do I do if an employer doesn't call me back after an interview?
If they don't call you. Don't be shy about calling them. It's very important for you to be proactive about your career search.

Well i hope that those advices help you.

miércoles, 19 de octubre de 2011

Finding a job on line !!

Hello my friends, this time i had to find 2 jobs for my career, you already know that i study graphic design, so i found this 2 jobs.

Industries: Signature HealthCARE.
I selected this job because i like to designing posters, newsletters, invitations, flyers, etc, and i really responsable, if they ask me to finish the work for a date i will do it, i have good creative, and curious mind. And they ask for someone that use Photoshop, Ilustrator, etc.


This is the other job that i found, this is a job about design too, . Its for entry level and i thing is a good one.


miércoles, 21 de septiembre de 2011

Unit 2. Using online dictionaries

1.Look for an article related to your field of expertise.

Why do I need an Interior Designer?
2.Post it to your blog. Make sure to add the link where you got it from.


3.Select two paragraphs from your article.
The bedroom walls are covered in sample splotches of last year’s lilac paint colours (it seemed like a good idea at the time!), the 15-year-old nylon carpet laid directly over the floorboards by the previous owner is shedding tufts of grey fuzz, and the living room chimney breast that your partner excavated last winter is still awaiting its reclaimed Victorian fireplace. It’s not that you haven’t got ideas, but somehow last winter turns into this, the summer holidays fly by, the well-intentioned DIY Bank Holiday weekends end up at the in-laws, and you still haven’t managed to decorate. What you need is someone to help you get organised, someone to focus your ideas, someone to tell you how much it’s all going to cost! Maybe it’s time you talked to an interior designer.

Don’t worry. Interior designers are professionals. They are there to offer you, the client, a service. Many offer first consultations free of charge. This means you can dip your toe into the interior design water without any risk whatsoever.

4.Choose at 3 sentences per paragraph.

-The bedroom walls are covered in sample splotches of last year’s lilac paint colours
-Interior designers are professionals.
-They are there to offer you, the client, a service

5.Describe the parts of the words in the sentence. Select three words and find their definitions in an online dictionary.

-The /def.art/ bedroom /noun/ walls /noun/ are /verb/ covered /v.tr./ in /prep/ sample /adj/ splotches /noun/ of /prep./ last /adj./ year /noun/ is /verb/ lilac /noun/ paint /noun/ colours /noun/

-Interior /noun/ designers /noun/ are /verb/ professionals /noun/.

-They /pron/ are /verb/ there /adv/ to /prep/ offer /v.tr./ you , /pron/, the /def.art/ client /noun/ , a service /noun/

Splotches /noun/ (splŏch) :
An irregularly shaped spot, stain, or colored or discolored area
Ex: "Spectacular splotches of color and beauty in the blossoms"

Lilac /noun/ (lī'lək, -lŏk, -lăk) :
Any of various shrubs of the genus Syringa, especially S. vulgaris, widely cultivated for its clusters of fragrant purplish or white flowers.

Offer /v.tr./ (ô'fər, ŏf'ər) :
To present for acceptance or rejection
Ex: offered me a drink.

Graphic Design interview

This time i interviewed a friend, he is a graphic designer and i will tell you all the questions i asked him about her choice of career.

Name:Jose Borjas

1.Could you please define Graphic Design in your own words?
Personally I feel graphic design is a way for me to convey my Ideas, emotions and provoke reactions. Its a way of communicating an Idea quickly, simply and effectively after all a picture paints a thousand words

2. What influenced you to pursue Graphic Design?
I was influenced by art and the idea of introducing and creating things, I can express myself in a cool way.

3. Could you please describe the educational process required to become a Graphic Designer?
You will first learn compositive skills, them you will know how to handle programs on the computer, you’ll make lots of projects which will make you understand how to use the things you have closer to you to create.

4. What are the skills you need to be a good Graphic Designer?
You need to be crative, open minded and have a great imagination.

5. What job considerations were you looking for after you completed your education?
Well I was looking for some established places like magazines, newspaper companies, and publicity agencies.

6. What's something of your school life that you enjoy the most?
I enjoyed going out with my friends.

7. From your perspective, what is the most difficult part of being Graphic Design student?
Well, sometimes teachers will ask you for things and you have really have to think about it, and sometimes it's really hard to explain an idea.

8. What are your plans for the future?
I want to have my own publicity agency and I hope to have a family too.

9. Point out your most personally gratifying moment in Graphic Design school.
When I had the presentation of my final project of degree-

10. Why would you recommend Graphic Design as a career?
Well, I recommend graphic design as a career because you will learn a little bit of everything, and I would say that most of the people think that it is an easy career and it is not, you need design for every little thing, all the things have to be designed before and it is a colorful and a beautiful career.